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Tuesday, June 2
Georgian side hopes territorial integrity will be definitely stipulated in UN resolution

The Georgian side hopes that Georgian territorial integrity will be definitely stipulated in the forthcoming UN resolution, as Head of the European Affairs Department of the Foreign Ministry Shota Ghvineria has stated. The new resolution on the situation in the conflict zones must be drafted by 15 June.

The Georgian side considers it necessary to have a strong UN mission on the occupied territories of Georgia which will have strong monitoring and police functions and protect the rule of law and human rights. “I hope the mission will manage to assess the situation in the occupied territories and provide international organisations with information about it,” Ghvineria stated.

Georgian side expecting objective conclusion from Tagliavini Commission

The Georgian side expects an objective report from Heidi Tagliavini’s Commission and they don’t doubt that the conclusions it makes will be objective.

Tagliavini’s Commission is already in Sokhumi, where it has held meetings. Head of the European Affairs Department of the Foreign Ministry Shota Ghvineria states that the Commission members will hold meetings with representatives of the Georgian Government and make concrete comments only after these meetings.

Shota Ghvineria also spoke about the concluding NATO exercises and said that they officially ended yesterday and everyone involved had declared them a success.

Jaba Jishkariani intends to act as a ‘Public Police Officer’ and arrest ‘Nationalists’

Jaba Jishkariani, a representative of the Youth HQ of April 9, has said that if even a hair of any protestor falls out as a result of Government action his organisation will rise in a national-public revolt.

Jishkariani stated at a rally in front of Parliament that they will assault representatives of the National Movement and those special services units which have participated in attacks on members of the opposition. He says his members will act as ‘public police officers’ and detain ‘nationalists’.

Referring to the incident of May 28 on Purtseladze Street he remarked that special; services ‘zonder brigades’ had come to the rally to break up the concert but could not do it as they were confronted with the power of the people.

Georgian journalist turned back when trying to cover so-called elections

A Rezonansi journalist has been turned away from the Akhalgori district of the Tskhinvali region by so-called Ossetian “boeviks.” Mari Otarashvili said she had the right to enter the territory without hindrance and was intending to cover the elections, but after she had taken interviews from several people at a polling station Ossetian militiamen detained her and took to the police headquarters. She hid the recordings she had made at the polling station.

After Mari Otarashvili had been searched and interrogated she was taken to the Russian checkpoint, from where EU monitors drove her to Georgian-controlled territory.

Georgians living in Akhalgori say that voter turnout was very low. The district is very quiet. An additional military contingent has been deployed at the Russian checkpoints, but has little to do. Reportedly, the so-called Ossetian militia is patrolling in the Georgian villages of the Akhalgori district.
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