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Do you think that the economic crisis in Georgia has been caused by the political situation?

Tuesday, June 2
“Of course it is caused by the political crisis. If I were a foreign investor I wouldn’t put money in such a politically unstable country. I agree with the President on this.”
Jaba, student, 19

“I don’t know. Maybe the opposition rally was one of the reasons for this economic downturn but I don’t think we should only blame the opposition. In some way the Government is also responsible. The economy is in their hands.”
Tina, housewife, 60

“The rallies have had the negative effect of scaring away foreign investors but the main reasons are of course the global crisis and the August war”
Sergo, businessman, 38

“This is like a chain reaction. If the country has a problem, other problems emerge immediately. So, maybe the economic crisis is caused by the present political gridlock.”
Eka, teacher, 34

“Well, I think the economic crisis is caused by the world’s financial problems rather than political ones, however it is obvious that to attract investment the major guarantee is stability and peace in the country.”
Gia, painter, 41

“Yes, I think the political situation pretty much influences the country’s economy. Besides, there are lots of businessmen, mainly foreigners, who openly say that such rallies hurt the economy and business development in the country.”
Giviko, student, 21

“Maybe such a fuss and protest are bad for business but the first thing we need is to regain our territories and not lose more. That’s why we express such a protest. If Saakashvili resigns the economy and business will be in a better condition than they are now.”
Lali, housewife, 55

“It’s ridiculous to say the protests are the reason for the economic crisis. There are not many investors who would be brave enough to put money in a country where a war took place just a year ago and whose territory is occupied by foreign soldiers. If you add the world crisis to this you will probably get the same figure of prospective losses our Government is talking about.”
Sandro, journalist, 27

“It is not only the rallies and the opposition which have caused the economic crisis. Everything started to go wring in August, after the war. Investors are not coming here, not because there are protest rallies but because there is a threat of renewed aggression from the Russian side. This is the major reason.”
Neli, teacher, 34