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Do you think the Tagliavini’s Commission report will be objective?

Friday, June 5
“I think it will be quite objective because quite successful and professional diplomats are involved in it. They have had negotiations and meetings with all sides so I think their report will be very interesting.”
Shota, teacher, 43

“I hope so. But there is the possibility that Akishbaia may give erroneous information to Tagliavini about ongoing events in the conflict zone and about the August war.”
Leila, accountant, 52

“The Tagliavini commission’s report will be objective, I hope so anyway.”
Eka, student, 19

“I the commission’s report will be objective, however, the regime of de facto South Ossetia will try to give information to the contrary.”
Malkhazi, archaeologist, 34

“No, in my opinion, the commission’s report will not be objective because of the makeup of the commission.”
Giorgi, teacher, 26

“I guess it will be objective, however I am not sure about what it will accomplish, it will be yet another report about the conflict between Georgia and Russia, that’s all.”
Inga, accountant, 46

“It will be objective if Russia does not try to pressure Western diplomats, as usual. I don’t think Tagliavini is biased towards any side of the conflict. I hope the report will reflect the real situation in the country and breakaway regions.”
Gela, teacher, 54

“We have seen many reports and no changes. It does not change anything whether the report is fair and impartial or not. Russia does what it likes and nothing can be done about it. Tagliavini’s report will not be enough to stop Russian aggression in Georgia and in Caucasus.”
Andro, IT, 30

“Why would it be thought subjective? I guess Tagliavini is not Russian by origin.”
Nika, student,20