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Which of the opposition leaders do you trust and why?

Friday, June 26
“How can I trust them when one day they say one thing and another day they do another? Frankly speaking, I’m very disappointed that even Gachechiladze, whom I consider to be a real patriot of his country, appears to have some connection with Kakha Targamadze who was an enemy of Georgia and cooperates with Moscow.”
Dali, housewife, 52

“I believed in Gubaz Sanikidze but after the latest events unfortunately I do not trust anyone from the opposition.”
Nana, manager, 50

“Well, it is impossible to fully trust any politician, either opposition or from the authorities, but I think Giorgi Targamadze is the most trusted man today. He is not corrupt and he has not ‘eaten’ his people’s money and property. I respect him and his party, they are young, clever people.”
Tamaz, teacher, 43

“No one from the opposition or administration deserves my trust.”
Tika, student, 20

“I really trust Nino Burjanadze because she has confessed her crimes, besides she is a very clever and purposeful woman. She always defends her position.”
Nana, shop assistant, 30

“I do not trust any of the opposition leaders. Unfortunately, there is no person I trust. Each of them is battling for seats in the Government.”
Nino, librarian, 48

“Levan Gachechiladze and Irakli Alasania are my favourite politicians and I believe in them. I cannot say why I like them, maybe because they don’t have such a shameful past as lots of their colleagues have.”
Irakli, student, 21

“I trust Irakli Alasania only, I think he’s the only opposition politician who behaves like one. He is young, well-educated and has good manners so I think he deserves to be in the Georgian Government.”
Diana, hair stylist, 27

“The only one who cares for people is Shalva Natelashvili. Maybe a lot of people laugh at him and call him crazy, but I really think that he supports simple people and knows their needs.”
Meri, pensioner, 66

“I trust Levan Gachechiladze. I think this man is a real patriot and he really cares about his country.”
Zaza, student, 19

“I trust none of them. They only fight for a better position. I’m sure none of them cares about people at all. Unfortunately neither the Government nor the opposition cares about us.”
Tamila, shop assistant, 54

“This is a really difficult question. I trust Salome Zourabichvili. I liked her initiative about becoming Deputy Interior Minister. This lady is a very clever diplomat and politician.”
Dali, accountant, 49