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Azerbaijan ready to restore its territorial integrity

By Messenger Staff
Monday, June 29
Azerbaijan is ready to restore its territorial integrity at any moment by means of military force, stated President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliev in his welcoming speech at the celebration of the 91st birthday of the Azerbaijan armed forces. “We live in times of war, so our primary aim is to build our army. The war is not over. Only its first stage has finished and we should be prepared at any moment to free our native land from the enemy the armed way,” Aliev stated.

The Azeri President highlighted that Azerbaijan has always tried to resolve the conflict peacefully but 15 years of negotiations have not yielded any results, therefore the country should rely on armed force. Aliev also stated that systematic measures are being taken to increase the potential of the country’s armed forces. He said that if necessary Azerbaijan is capable of using its armed forces to restore its territorial integrity.