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Monday, June 29

One of the leaders of the opposition, Salome Zourabichvili, detected a bugging device in her room at her party’s headquarters yesterday. The patrol police arrived and began their investigation.
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Ilia II – Georgia will survive, reunite, calm down

“Georgia will survive, reunite and calm down. We have many problems, it’s true, but the Lord will save the Mother of God’s country,” Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II said in his Sunday sermon at Holy Trinity Cathedral.

The Patriarch blessed those who are taking the National Admission Exams 2009.

Georgian film directors win awards at Moscow Festival

Georgians Rezo Chkheidze and Levan Korinteli have been honoured at the 31st Moscow International Film Festival.

“The jury’s decision to bestow an award on the renowned Georgian director Rezo Chkheidze for his contribution to the art of cinematography is another tribute to Georgian cinematography and the love that the Russian people have shown for it since Soviet times,” Russian news agencies report. The award ceremony was held at the Pushkin Hall in Moscow.

Apart from the main competition the festival also held a ‘prospect competition’ featuring works by young directors, including debut films. This year’s award in that category went to Georgian director Levan Korinteli for Conflict Zone, which is about the progress of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict over the last decade. The movie was selected from a list of 14.
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Sokhumi to take part in next round of Geneva talks

A delegation from the Sokhumi puppet regime will take part in the next round of Geneva talks, its Foreign Minister Sergey Shamba has told Interpressnews.

A meeting concerning this delegation was concluded a few minutes ago. It was resolved that our delegation will go to the Geneva talks with the same members,” Shamba stated.

The next round of the Geneva talks on Caucasian security issues is planned for1 July. The Sokhumi delegation will be led by Deputy Foreign Minister of Sokhumi Maksim Ghvinjia. The last round of Geneva talks was held on 18-19 May.

National Forum accuses Government of applying pressure

The opposition National Forum has accused the Government of oppressing its allies. Party spokesman Irakli Melashvili said the authorities had tried to persuade member of the National Forum Zaza Olkiashvili to declare publicly that the party is funded by Russia and that he was therefore defecting from it.

“The Government is trying to accuse the National Forum of being linked with the May 5 uprising at the Mukhrovani military base. We know that the uprising was staged by the Government but they are trying to allege that we were tied in with this performance,” Irakli Melashvili said.

The National Forum plans to propose that all opposition parties create a special centre for the protection of opposition activists from pressure by the authorities.
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Bakradze visits Vienna for medical consultation

Chair of Parliament Davit Bakradze has gone to Vienna to undergo medical consultations. The Press Service of Parliament reports that Bakradze’s health condition is satisfactory and he is in Vienna only for consultations.

The Chair of Parliament had health problems in February, when one of his medications provoked an allergic reaction and heart problems.

Ex-PM`s party presents its foreign policy vision

The Movement for Fair Georgia, led by ex-Prime Minister Zurab Noghaideli, has presented its vision of future foreign policy. Petre Mamradze of the party spoke about the document in detail and disapproved of the policy conducted by Georgia’s President. He said Saakashvili did not have a consistent foreign policy. The party pledges to restore complete democratic control over foreign and internal policy and improve Georgia’s reputation in the world.

Zurab Noghaideli also focused on the need to improve relations with Russia.
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Conservative Party presents its anti-crisis plan

The Conservative Party of Georgia has presented its plan for overcoming the economic and political crisis in the country. Kakha Kukava of the party said the Government should reduce taxes, impose new customs tariffs and launch a programme of assistance for the banks.

The Conservative Party leaders say their plan will be sent to every political party and experts prior to public discussion.
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Burjanadze files lawsuit against Parliament

The leader of the Democratic Movement-United Georgia, Nino Burjanadze, has filed a complaint against the Georgian Parliament. She is objecting to its recent decision that the Government should no longer pay for her bodyguards and escort.

Tbilisi City Court will begin essential consideration of the appeal on June 2; a preparatory hearing was held yesterday. The Chairman of the Legal Committee of Parliament says that Burjanadze would be better off thinking and worrying about the people, who sit in the cells without food and comfort instead of her personal comfort.
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