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What are the prospects of the internal confrontation in Georgia ending?

Tuesday, June 30
“I cannot see such a prospect for now as the situation is still very tense. It will not end but escalate, which unfortunately will not have positive consequences for the country.”
Diana, musician, 30

“Internal conflict will never end in Georgia because political life is completely confusing. How can the conflict end when we have an extremely high number of politicians and political parties who do not even know what politics is and what should be done to create a successful country?”
Giga, student, 19

“Internal conflict will end when the betrayers of Georgia are not able to get involved in the internal affairs of the country and when Russia gives up Georgia, but I think this is a long term process.”
Keti, nurse, 36

“When Georgian politicians will learn at last that their problems should be addressed inside the country and not outside it, the conflict will sort itself out.”
Vakho, veterinarian, 44

“Internal problems should be solved internally, any attempt or hope to find a solution outside the country is wrong-headed.”
Roma, driver, 36

“I think that when August and the seaside holiday season come everyone will be too lazy to go to the rallies, including the opposition leaders themselves. So the summer heat will resolve the conflict I guess, and of course we won’t have another war with Russia this August,”
Lado, student, 19

“I believe the only way out of the situation is negotiations. Only peaceful ways are good for Georgia or any other country. I hope no radical action will be taken by any side to end this tension.”
Lika, pharmacist, 30