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What do you know about genetically-modified products and what do you think about them?

Wednesday, July 1
“I don’t know what exactly genetically-modified means, the only thing I know is that they are harmful to health and that in some countries they are forbidden.”
Nino, businesswoman, 35

“These products are artificial and we should avoid them, but to be honest I don’t know how to distinguish natural products and genetic modified products from each other.”
Tea, accountant, 30

“I guess they are something bad for health but I don’t know what exactly they are.”
Giorgi, student, 18

“I have heard on TV that the Government has refused to ban the import of genetically modified products to Georgia. I think this is very bad, because these kind of products damage our health and cause cancer. “
Lali, housewife, 41

“I am not very well acquainted with this issue but I have heard they are very dangerous for the mankind and have a negative impact on peoples’ development.”
Maia, housewife, 37

“Genetically modified products are a very evil achievement of modern technology because these products contain some animal or plant genes which are unfamiliar to human bodies. Thus they may cause terrible diseases which can’t be ever defeated and cause death.”
Mamuka, geologist, 46

“The terms genetically-modified (GM) or genetically-engineered (GE) foods and genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) refer to crop plants created for human or animal consumption using the latest molecular biology techniques. I don't think this is very healthy, because genetic engineering involves crossing species which could not cross in nature. In my opinion genetically modified products have no vitamins.”
Nino, public health and HIV/AIDS programme administrative assistant, 24

“Well I happened to meet all those technologists specialising in this and I remember their self-confidence and pride in making the products of “the 21st century”, but I must confess that I don’t see any sense in all this stuff because I think we shouldn’t use artificial products when nature is full of everything.”
Irakli, doctor, 29

“I think everything natural is the best for health.”
Inna, student, 20