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Do you think that dividing the MIA into the Interior Ministry and Security Office will remove the political factor from them?

Tuesday, July 7
“I guess that by merely dividing or merging Ministries no real results or changes will be achieved, it is the system that has to be changed instead. Mechanical changes will lead to no positive results.”
Tengo, IT, 30 “I don’t understand what this means exactly, but I guess that if it is initiated by the opposition the idea is not so bad.”
Levan, student, 22

“I don’t understand why these two institutions should be together now. The Interior Ministry is the Interior Ministry, and the security service the security service. They should not be governed by one Minister or one group of people. It will be good if Parliament adopts the draft law about splitting the Ministry in two”
Leila, teacher, 44

“While Saakashvili is President of Georgia nothing will help this country, even dividing every Ministry into 5 or more parts.”
Tina, pensioner, 67

“I cannot say that by dividing it something will improve because they have one chief anyway. If they want they can divide the MIA into 10 departments, it will not change anything.”
Sergo, architect, 41

“I think it is a good idea, because everything is under the Ministry of the Interior nowadays, so I support the Christian Democrats’ idea. It really will remove the political factor from them.”
Ana, student, 20

“The more departments and Ministries are created the more money is spent on them. There is no sense in expanding bureaucracy, it will bring no results”
Koba, journalist, 28

“It’s simply unimaginable that anyone can manage to remove political factor from force structures, its impossible. I think in all countries the police and security service are controlled by the Government.”
Gurami, driver, 46