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Amendments to labour code

By Messenger Staff
Friday, July 17
Georgia urgently needs to introduce special amendments to its labour code to be in compliance with EU demands. Otherwise it will face problems in harmonising its legislation with the EUís. The United Trade Unions of Georgia have been working on amendments for some time and submitted some to the Government. Consultations are underway.

Chairman of the United Trade Unions Irakli Petriashvili has said that at the initial stage 30 different paragraphs of the code must be amended and this should be carried out by October 2009. One of the important changes in labour code will be introducing a law that if an employee is discharged the employer must explain why this is being done. This will give the employee the possibility of suing the employer in court if need be. Under the existing labour code an employer can sack an employee without giving any reason.

Amendments also need to be made to the regulations on working hours. No one should be asked to work more than 41 hours weekly.