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Youth employment issues

By Messenger Staff
Friday, July 17
Some years ago the Rose Revolution administration pompously launched special employment and entertainment programmes for youth. However due to the economic crisis these programmes have been slowing down recently.

The patriot programme which envisaged providing holidays in special youth camps for teenagers was very popular. It started in 2005, when 15,000 people visited patriot camps. In 2006 this figure doubled, but this year the state can only afford to host 7,000 young people. Only 5 camps will be open this year, at Vartsikhe in the Imereti region, Shaori in the Racha region, Sagarejo in the Kakheti region, Skursa in the Samegrelo region and Kvavilnari in the Guria region. The holiday package provides a 10 day rest in one of these camps.

The student employment programme has been temporarily suspended this summer. Last time it was run, in February 2009, it involved 600 students. The programme provided students with 15 working days and they received GEL 250 for their work. The student employment programme was initiated in 2006 by Tbilisi City Hall, and was considered to be very useful.