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Where would you spend your summer holidays in Georgia, if you had a choice?

Friday, July 17
“Mountains and extreme sports are my hobby. I and my friends go to different places every year, sometimes twice a year. We have already been to Khevsureti, Svaneti and Kazbegi. Now we plan to go to Bakhmaro.”
Nika, student, 22

“My mother is from Borjomi so the whole family visits it every summer. It is a really beautiful place. My grandparents are always glad to see us all together.”
Tiko, painter, 25

“Definitely at the seaside. I don’t consider any other place. Ureki I guess, because I don’t like a beach with stones, I prefer the Ureki beach, with sand.”
Marika, journalist, 24

“I like to spend my holidays at the seaside. My friend and I go to Kobuleti every summer, it is like a tradition for us. I hope we will not break this tradition this year. I think nothing compares to the sea in summer.”
Gela, student, 20

“For ages I have not been anywhere for my summer holidays. Either I don’t have a vacation or I don’t have money. I stay in Tbilisi usually, and it is not the best place to spend summer as you know. But this is life, what can I do?”
Lamzira, housewife, 46

“I am a Svan, and what do you think, where will I spend my holidays? My parents are from Mestia, so not just every summer but whenever I have free time I am in Svaneti with my friends. It’s a really cool place!”
Giorgi, economist, 28

“Everybody goes to Bakuriani in winter, but I prefer to go there in summer, it is calm and chilly in the evenings. I can have a mental and physical rest from my everyday life there. This year too I am planning to go there.”
Lika, pharmacist, 30

“I like mountains a lot. I want to go to Svaneti very much this summer, but I don’t know exactly if I will be able to go. It depends on my boss.”
Irakli, lawyer, 25

“I would go with great pleasure to Grigoleti, as it is the place where the sea and forest are combined.”
Natia, shop assistant, 34