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Administration’s rating falls in Tbilisi

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, July 21
Director of the Social Research and Analysis Institute Iago Kachkachishvili suggests that the 3 month long protest actions in the capital have seriously influenced the rating of political forces in Tbilisi. He says the rating of the present administration has fallen as low as 11% while before the protest rally started its rating was much higher.

Kachkachishvili thinks that this is due to the fact that the authorities have been unable to respond adequately to the demands of society as aired by the opposition. The administration could have introduced serious changes in response to the protests but did not do so, states Kachkachishvili.

The Institute’s research indicates that the rating of certain opposition political forces has seriously increased, in particular that of the Alliance for Georgia and the National Forum. Kachkachishvili stated that overall the radical parties’ rating is much higher than that of the ruling party. “If the elections were conducted now, a fair election would see the opposition receive a majority in Parliament, but of course this means all the various opposition groups taken together,” states Kachkachishvili.

The Institute’s Director also criticises the opposition for limiting its demands to only the resignation of Saakashvili rather than demanding Parliamentary elections or other systemic changes as well. He thinks that after summer the protests will develop new force as there is no objective reason to state that the protest might be disappearing.