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Do you think that state bodies, including the Parliament, should be moved to the regions?

Tuesday, July 21
“I completely disagree with this idea and I consider that the major state bodies, including Parliament and the President’s residence, should be in the capital. If they think they will gain more supporters in the regions by moving state bodies there they are mistaken, because people want jobs, not just to look at the Parliament or Ministries. It would be better for the Government to build factories or enterprises where the locals will be employed.”
Maia, housewife, 45

“I don’t mind, they can do what they want. It has no meaning for me whether Parliament or the Chancellery will be in Tbilisi, Kutaisi or Batumi.”
Nika, student, 20

“They just have nothing to do, or can’t think of better ways of spending the budget money. These kind of projects will require millions and millions of dollars.”
David, sportsman, 26

“I think the Government should have continual contact with regions and villages. I like this idea because through it all the regions will be more or less equally involved in the state building process and not only Tbilisi will be at the centre of hot events.”
Shalva, IT specialist, 27

“It is very ridiculous. I don’t like this idea at all. When I heard on TV that some Government representatives want to move Parliament to Kutaisi I was stunned. The only reason I think they want to do this is to stop the rallies and discharge the protest in Tbilisi, but I think it would be better to listen to the people who are standing in 400 heat and not thinking about moving such important state institutions from the capital.”
Elene, designer, 30

“It’s not such a bad idea, because it may create additional jobs in the regions and at least slow down the massive migration of regional residents to the capital.”
Vano, manager, 34

“Do they not think about the people working in Parliament or at other state bodies? Will these people go from Tbilisi to Kutaisi for work? It’s absurd. First of all, they should satisfy those personnel who will lose their jobs and then take Parliament or any Ministry to any city if they wish.”
Marina, accountant, 38

“Such new ideas often make me laugh. Why do they need to take Government bodies anywhere, will it improve their work? I don’t think so.”
Nutsa, student, 19

“Yes, I think it will be good, because this will help the regions develop quickly. In my opinion this will increase employment in the regions as well.”
Dali, dentist, 38

“Who cares about such nonsense? Those who air such suggestion just want to draw public attention to stupid topics I think.”
Tatia, dancer, 20