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Do you think that erecting cells in the streets contributed to the protest rallies and maintaining the protest charge in the population or was it just in vain?
Monday, July 27
“It was an unwise decision to put cells in the centre of Tbilisi, and it was wise to open the road at last. Protest is protest, but the opposition should think a bit about forms of protest. Not all forms are acceptable.”
Kakha, doctor, 38

“Thanks to Biden that main avenue is now open and we don’t have problems moving freely on Rustaveli. I was fed up with it because my office is on Rustaveli and every day I had to sit in traffic jams. It did not bring any positive results for the opposition and opposition members also think so, I am sure.”
Tika, PR manager, 32

“At first it was an innovate idea and the opposition popularised the cells. They really contributed to increasing the protest charge among the people. But now I welcome the removal of the cells, firstly because there were no people, protestors I mean, sitting in them all day long, and secondly they were terribly unsanitary, which is a big problem, especially in such hot weather.”
Manana, housewife, 47

“I think the cells and the long street rallies were so inconvenient that they decreased the opposition’s rating very much. Now, after three long months of protest rallies I can say very firmly that it really was in vain. No result, no benefit. Saakashvili won again.”
Giorgi, IT specialist, 38

“The idea of erecting cells was interesting and it really brought some results. The Government was afraid.”
Natia, housewife, 43

“I think the opposition are very weak. Therefore they could not manage to remove the President. I think the rallies were only a waste of time. I knew that they could not reach their goal, and by the way most of the protestors did not believe they could make the President resign.”
Irma, librarian, 54

“It must not been without result, because the cells were perfect examples of how big a cell we, all Georgian people, are sitting in now.”
Lado, student, 20

“Of course it was just in vain. The opposition could not force out the President, they could not reach their aim, so we can say without any hesitation that the opposition has been defeated.”
Tamuna, student, 22

“In my opinion it was a very smart and creative decision. I guess that nowhere else in the world have cells been used to express protest against the Government. However, I think now the cells have done their job and there is no sense in keeping them on Rustaveli Avenue forever.”
Dodo, teacher, 55