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How well do you know Russian and do you think a new generation should learn Russian?

Tuesday, July 28
“I know Russian well. Of course a new generation should learn Russian. The Russian language, as well as English, is an international language. In many foreign countries Russian is still the language of communication.”
Irma, teacher, 50

“I don’t know Russian too well. Very few of my generation know Russian and that is very bad. I consider that not only a new generation but we also must know Russian.”
Ika, student, 22

“Unfortunately, I do not know Russian well. Of course, people must learn Russian. In general if a person knows many foreign languages, it is better.”
Neli, shop assistant, 30

“I speak Russian fluently and I think the upcoming generation should know Russian, since it is one of the UN’s official languages.”
Davit, diplomat, 43

“Due to the Russian-Georgian situation fewer young people have the desire to study Russian, but the young generation should learn Russian because things change and who knows, maybe in the future speaking Russian will be vital.”
Ani, manager, 27

“I graduated from university in Russia so my Russian is sufficiently good. When I was young everybody spoke Russian quite well because our lifestyle, politics and other things demanded this from us.”
Vakhtang, dentist, 55

“I speak Russian quite well because I have many Armenian and Russian friends. The people of my generation don’t speak Russian at all and I don’t approve of this, because Russia shouldn’t be associated only with aggression and such unpleasant things, we should respect other cultures and languages because the more languages a person speaks the richer their nature.”
Gvantsa, student, 20

“Unfortunately I don’t know the Russian language well but I’d love to. I think it isn’t my fault. I wasn’t taught it well at school, maybe because our country is too anti-Russian these days.”
Mari, student, 19

“I know perfect English and German; I really don’t have any wish to study the Russian language. I don’t like the Russians; I don’t like their country, so I have no reason for studying it.”
Levan, bank employee, 25