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How would you assess the Ombudsman’s five years of service and who do you think should replace him?

Wednesday, July 29
“I would say that the Ombudsman did everything he could. It is necessary to find someone with the ability to not only reveal human rights violations but properly report them to EU institutions and other international organisations.”
Maka, secretary, 29

“I personally positively assess Subari's five years in office and I think he was one of the best Ombudsmen for Georgia. As for the next one, I do not have an idea of this at the moment ...”
Diana, translator, 25

“Maybe he was trying to do something but he was not an effective Ombudsman. I would like Georgia to have a more active and influential Public Defender, because Subari’s opinion has not been taken into account all these years.”
Vakhtang, student, 22

“I think Giorgi Targamadze would be a perfect Ombudsman. I like him very much and he is always fair in his criticism or remarks. As for Subari, he really did very many things but he could have done more important things if he had had any influence on Government, Parliament or any other institutions. There is so much injustice in Georgia that we really need a defender who will defend our rights to the end.”
Marina, housewife, 58

“Subari was always in the thick of the big events, just remember November 7 or any other rallies dispersed by the Government. He was even beaten in November and I think he did his job perfectly. Sometimes he was very critical of the authorities but they deserved such criticism, although I think he should also highlight violations of law or human rights the opposition have committed. A new Ombudsman should be impartial, and his main priority should be to be professional as we all have to trust him or her.”
Nika, manager, 30

“I think he is one of the bravest public defenders Georgia has ever had. His reports were always bold and impartial. I hope the next Ombudsman will be as good as him and I also hope our authorities will listen to the new one at least a bit more than they listened to Subari.”
Teona, PR specialist, 26

“To be honest I did not follow his activities much. At a glance he seems a very fair and educated person. That’s all I can say about him.”
Nanka, student, 20

“He was very active and committed. The other issue is how much his activities changed the dire reality in Georgia in respect of human rights, but I am sure he did his best.”
Giorgi, lawyer, 39

“It seems like he was more sympathetic to the opposition than the Government. In my opinion the Public Defender should be impartial.”
Tinatin, teacher, 31