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Container restrictions abolished

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, August 12
Some time ago we wrote about the new regulations for transporting containers higher than 4 metres in Georgia. These were implemented on July 22 and created a very negative reaction amongst forwarders.

The forwarders stopped transporting and started protesting. Up to 50 forwarding companies and dozens of individual businessmen protested against the additional obstacles put in the way of transporting container cargo through the country. The Government has been forced to reverse its decision and reinstate the previous regulations.

Most probably the Government would have ignored the protests of local forwarders if it were not for big companies and the Armenian and Azeri authorities joining the protest. A large proportion of the cargo transported through the country from the Georgian Black Sea ports is destined for Azerbaijan, Armenia or even further afield in Central Asia.

Now the status quo has been restored and forwarders are optimistic that the Georgian authorities will no longer try to interfere with established international forwarding standards by establishing alternative routes, regulations and standards of their own.