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Wednesday, August 12
Georgian Ambassador talks to foreign media about Russian aggression

The Georgian Ambassador to Switzerland has held a press conference for foreign journalists at the UN headquarters in Geneva regarding the anniversary of the Russian-Georgian war. Giorgi Gorgiladze gave details of the ethnic cleansing of the Georgian population carried out by Russia and the incidents provoked after the August war. He also talked about Russia’s attempts to escalate the conflict again. He said that the forcefully displaced people have not been allowed to return to their homes so far and Russia is also not allowing international monitors to enter the occupied territories.

The Georgian diplomat reiterated that the only way to resolve the conflict is peacefully, through the involvement of the international community and first of all the active participation of the US and EU. (Rustavi 2)

Leader of Georgian opposition party meets with Foreign Minister

Ahead of the Georgian opposition’s meeting with law enforcers Irakli Alasania attended talks at the Georgian Foreign Ministry on Monday. The leader of Our Georgia - Free Democrats gave Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze the document he presented at the Security Council session on August 6, which envisages increasing the involvement of international organisations in the conflict regions and setting security mechanisms in motion.

“We discussed what the Georgian Foreign Ministry is planning to do about these things and what kind of steps it is taking regarding the occupied territories and it was a very useful exchange of views. If the Foreign Ministry undertakes any future consultations, of course we will be ready to take part in them,” Alasania said. (Rustavi 2)

OSCE to open new office in Tbilisi

The OSCE will open a new office in Tbilisi in September. A representative of the organisation is discussing the issue in the Georgian Foreign Ministry. Charalampos Christopulos will be holding meetings there over the next two days.

The exact mandate of the new office is not known yet, although representatives of the diplomatic corps confirm that one of its tasks will be working on the Geneva talks. The parties will agree on what functions the new office will assume at the ongoing talks in Tbilisi. (Rustavi 2)

Georgian opposition preparing for talks with Interior Minister

After the extended session of the Georgian Security Council held in the President’s Palace on August 6 opposition leaders are getting ready to meet Georgian Interior Minister Vano Merabishvili. The opposition leaders intend to raise a number of issues at the meeting, such as prisoners and the economic and internal problems the country is facing today.

Irakli Alasania’s Our Georgia - Free Democrats has already decided to go to the meeting. Leader of the Democratic Movement - United Georgia Eka Beselia says she will keep her eye on developments and if the meeting brings any positive result she does not rule out continuing this dialogue in the future. The Freedom Party expects an adequate response from the Government as well. (Rustavi 2)

Bakur Kvezereli to meet population of Mtskheta-Mtianeti

Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture led by Minister Bakur Kvezereli met the population of the village of Tsilkani as part of the new ‘public dialogue’ yesterday.

Prior to the meeting Interpressnews was informed by the Press Service of the Ministry that problematic issues for famers would be discussed and the Minister would talk about how to resolve the population’s problems. Bakur Kvezereli will be holding such meetings all over Georgia. (Interpressnews)