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Which party or leader of the opposition, either Parliamentary or non-Parliamentary, do you feel the most sympathy with?

Thursday, August 13
I like Irakli Alasania most of all, he is a really excellent diplomat and an educated politician. I would like him to be the President of Georgia.
Nodar, teacher, 41

I think Mikheil Saakashvili has done his best for our country; we mustnt ignore his great service to Georgia. Everything is better now and our country is more developed than it was several years ago.
Nino, doctor, 62

I would say Giorgi Targamadze. Despite his age and background, he appears to be a most constructive and smart politician. He always knows what to say, is always ready to give an appropriate answer, always knows the facts very well. Also, he dresses quite tastefully.
Keti, student, 20

I support almost all the non- Parliamentary opposition parties in Georgia. I like their plans and the methods they use to achieve their goals. They could have behaved like our Government members did during the Rose Revolution, but they refused to as our country needs peace now.
Nona, dancer, 31

I dont like any of them. Previously I was sure they could reach their goal and would be stronger than Misha, but everything they promised has turned out to be false. I dont trust them any more.
Tika, student, 19

I consider that neither the Government nor opposition parties are reliable in Georgia. They are all trying to cheat poor people. They dont think about the fact that Georgian citizens are in very bad conditions and need real help and not empty promises.
Gia, worker, 36

I like Irakli Alasania most of all, his tactics and future plans. In my opinion he will manage to help his people and develop Georgia.
Tea, student, 21

I believe in the Labour Party because they always tell the truth and warn people about dangers. I consider Shalva Natelashvili the most reliable politician.
Shalva, dentist, 26

I consider Levan Gachechiladze a very reliable politician. He and his brother really love their country and struggle for its independence and prosperity.
Levan, historian, 40

Giorgi Targamadze and the Christian Democrats. Targamadze is very modest and never says silly things, as many politicians do.
Saba, sportsman, 25