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Tuesday, September 1
Officials detain child murder suspect

Detectives of the Internal Affairs Main Division and officials of the Isani Samgori Internal Affairs Division have detained a suspect in a murder case. The Ministry states that Valentin Grundinkin and Irakli Avgustov, both born in 1995, have been detained.

The Ministry states that the detainees took 8-years old Alaverd Bairamov to an abandoned parking place, scorched his legs and hands, raped him and then hit him with a construction block, causing his death. (Interpressnews)

Bakur Kvezereli views construction of chocolate factory

Minister of Agriculture Bakur Kvezereli has visited the construction site of the Natakhtari chocolate factory. He positively assessed the fact that such building was taking place during a financial crisis and stated that the Government will help every enterprise with development prospects.

“We are striving to help enterprises, but unfortunately the crisis has left many people unemployed. We plan to create new jobs and help enterprises develop.,” the Minister said.

The Georgian-Belgian chocolate factory near Natakhtari has been under construction for 5 months. 200 people are building it and 150 people will be employed in the finished factory. Barambo Ltd. intends to produce chocolate there at the end of the year and export it in future. (Interpressnews)

15th case of H1N1 recorded in Georgia

A 15th case of H1N1 flu has been recorded in Georgia. A 25 year-old man attended the National Centre of Disease Control with the relevant symptoms after arriving from abroad and the infection has been confirmed.

Doctors say that in this particular case the disease is in a very weak form and the patient does not need to undergo hospital treatment. He is being treated at home under the supervision of doctors. (Rustavi 2)

MIGA, Georgia sign cooperation agreement

The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency and the Agency of Investment Risk Management of the Ministry of Finance have signed an agreement on investment encouragement and protection.

MIGA Vice President Uzumi Kobayashi and head of the Department Zurab Svimonia signed the document. Finance Minister Zurab Baindurashvili was also present.

Uzumi Kobyashi will meet Georgian Government members during his visit. He will be introduced to the investment environment in Georgia. (Rustavi 2)

President opens new House of Justice in Zugdidi

The Georgian President has opened a new House of Justice in Zugdidi in the Samegrelo Region. It staff represent all the departments of the Civil and Public Registries and the Executive and Marriage Bureau. From now on all these departments will operate from one office.

Mikheil Saakashvili attended the first wedding ceremony in the new House of Justice in Zugdidi.

The President spoke with the staff of the office and questioned them about the modern technologies with which it has been equipped. (Rustavi 2)

Kakha Baindurashvili - former Prime Zurab Noghaideli made tax demand on Elit Electronics

“The tax demand on Elit Electronics is not a political act,” Minister of Finance Kakha Baindurashvili has stated. “It was imposed when Zurab Noghaideli was Prime Minister, therefore only Noghaideli could have been ‘oppressing’ this company. But that charge is groundless, there was no political order for it. It is an ordinary tax demand imposed when Zurab Noghaideli was Prime Minister.”

Baindurashvili said this in response to Noghaideli’s own comments on Elit Electronics. The Tax Department has ordered this company to pay GEL 7 mln in tax for 2007. Although court procedures concerning this have not yet finished, the financial police tried to collect this sum on August 10. The company continued to work with cash during this period, but after inspectors came into Elit to withdraw the sum the company closed its shops.

Elit Electronics has liabilities to commercial banks in addition to the GEL 7mln demanded by the Government. It has been said that some banks will own the company if it is unable to pay these debts, but it has told Interpressnews that its liability is GEL 15 mln and this sum is being paid off according to a loan agreement, therefore the company doesn’t have a problem with the banks. (Interpressnews)

Minister of Education meets pardoned students

Minister of Education of Georgia Nika Gvaramia has met four teenagers released from prison after passing the United National Exams successfully. The Georgian President signed their pardon decrees on the Education Ministry’s recommendation.

The four former convicts, now students, told the Minister yesterday that they were taking full responsibility for justifying the confidence of the Minister and the President. (Rustavi 2)