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What kind of dialogue should be conducted between Georgia and Russia to reconcile the two nations?

Tuesday, September 1
“Constructive dialogue should be conducted between these two countries’ Presidents, but their relationship is too strained, which means that Georgia needs Western assistance to undertake this kind of dialogue with the Russian side.”
Eka, doctor, 35

“I think that that there is no hostility between the Georgian and Russian people, there is a confrontation between our and their political forces. While our President is Saakashvili and Russia is governed by Putin and Medvedev no constructive dialogue is possible.”
Andro, archaeologist, 51

“Dialogue is very important in the present situation; we don’t need another war in the region as it would be disastrous for us. At the beginning it does not matter what sort of dialogue is held, political, economic or whatever. The main thing is that negotiations start.”
Nino, teacher, 47

“I consider that the Georgian and Russian Patriarchs can play a significant role in this, as they have a great positive influence on the people.”
Gia, driver, 31

“Constructive dialogue should be held, not only between political forces but between people in particular fields, spiritual figures, cultural figures. These countries don’t consist only of politicians, ordinary people have real power and can improve and change the situation. We don’t hate the Russian people, which is most important, and if Russian citizens have the same attitude their politicians will have to change their policies concerning Georgia.”
Nika, student, 19

“One would be very naive to believe that dialogue can be conducted between Russia and Georgia. Russia’s actions have made it clear that it wants to keep tensions high in the Caucasus and in Georgia particularly.”
Gocha, sociologist, 38

“I believe dialogue can start if there are new Presidents in both countries, but I don’t know how things will develop if the next Russian President is Putin again. Then we might see a further deterioration of relations instead of dialogue.”
hota, businessman, 40

“I think dialogue is possible through the mediation of international organisations and leaders. It is very doubtful that any dialogue will take place between Georgia and Russia through the efforts of Georgian officials alone.”
Kato, teacher, 25