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Compiled by Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Wednesday, September 9
Winery bankrupted due to non payment of debts

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that the winery in the village of Keda in the Dedoplistskaro Region has been bankrupted by being unable to repay a half a million GEL loan. The matter is currently being considered in court and the company may be sold to raise the funds to pay off creditors.

The winery’s owner, Ilia Tushishvili, has stated that in 2004 the company bought half a million GEL worth of grapes, as the Government had promised it assistance, but the Government did not keep its word. Tushishvili tried to pay the farmer from his own resources but could only do so partially. The winery had to pay not only the Kakhetian farmers who grew the grapes but the bank it had taken a loan from and this proved impossible.

Gamsakhurdia to return to Parliament?

Rezonansi reports that Paata Davitaia is planning to create a new grouping with Akaki Asatiani and Konstantine Gamsakhurdia, which may mean Gamsakhurdia will return to Parliament. Some Parliamentary sources are spreading this information and the subjects of these rumours are neither confirming nor denying them.

Akaki Asatiani states: “it is too early to talk about the creation of a new Parliamentary bloc, as each bloc is generally formed to contest an election and unfortunately I can’t see any possibility of normal and fair elections being held in the near future. On the other hand, I can confirm that the opposition parties are working on some other essential matters. We are participating in a group designed to change the electoral system in Georgia. Although this group was established quite a long time ago, it has consisted only of Government supporters until now and nothing serious has been done. If we manage to achieve our goals and make important amendments to the electoral system, we will inevitably think about forming a new block and participating in the elections.

“As for Konstantine Gamsakhurdia, at present he is in the United States. It is interesting that Gamsakhurdia is expected to return to Parliament. The elected opposition members who tore up their mandates last year had the opportunity to return to Parliament after the President’s suggestion that their seats be restored to them. Parliament is planning to discuss this constitutional change this week and these opposition members will have a month to change their decision. Konstantine Gamsakhurdia obtained a mandate last year as a member of the United Opposition but then left that bloc. Perhaps he will take this chance to regain his seat,” Asatiani said.

Consumers’ rights to be protected

Akhali Taoba reports that the Christian Democrats have initiated some changes in the law which would protect electricity and gas consumers’ rights. They are proposing the removal of collective meters and the installation of individual ones for every customer by 1 January 2010. Furthermore, they want the collection of money from the individual meters to be controlled by the representatives of the Regulatory Commission.

Christian Democrat members state that the existence of common meters is very disadvantageous for their users and this initiative should be supported by the Government and the public.

Enguri Hydro Electric Power Station is Abkhazia’s property - Baghapsh

Rezonansi reports that the leader of Abkhaz puppet regime, Sergey Baghapsh, considers the Enguri HES the property of Abkhazia and intends to take it over. The power station is currently under joint Georgian and Abkhaz control.

Baghapsh made this statement after the capture of a Georgian vessel with contraband in the de facto region’s waters. He added that he is also planning to sign a special document with Russia about building Russian military bases in Gudauta and Ochamchire.