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What features does someone have to have today to be successful in business or a career?

Wednesday, September 30
“Good luck and self-determination are the major factors for being successful in business and in a career.”
Ia, tour operator, 24

“One should be a good professional, lucky and have a good relationship with the current administration.”
Diana, musician, 36

“Education is the first thing. I do not understand people who say that without good friends and relatives you will never find a good job. Personally I graduated from University with a bachelors and masters degree, I applied for a vacancy in one of the Ministries and now I am a staff member. This happened without any interference from my friends or relatives.”
Kote, economist, 21

“One of the main factors for being successful in business and a career is money of course. Without it one will not be able to achieve anything.”
Gia, builder, 43

“This is very easy. Firstly, each person needs education and knowledge of what to start and what business might be successful. Secondly, they need the material means to realise their ideas and plans - and good luck, of course.”
Tamar, writer, 29

“In Georgia one needs a relative to be successful in a career, which is very wrong, as many talented young people are left without jobs. Money is the most important thing, I consider.”
Tea, housewife, 34

“You need to be talented, educated and motivated to reach success in any field, including business, but without luck you won’t be able to achieve anything.”
Natia, lawyer, 24

“An ability to take a risk is crucial if you want to be successful in business or a career.”
Davide, system engineer, 25