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Monday, October 5
Ilia II - Man often searches for a miracle, but the biggest miracle is man himself

Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia, His Holiness and Beatitude Ilia II, talked about the condition of the human soul in his Sunday sermon.

The Patriarch said that a person often searches for a miracle, but the biggest miracle is a person. “I have often said that a person searches for a miracle, and says that if he sees a miracle he will believe. Actually, the biggest miracle is man, the main creation of God.

“We often think and we condemn, but a sin a person commits is an outgrowth and can be removed from him. Such a person is similar to a precious nugget which has fallen into the dirt, but when it is cleaned it is as precious as before.

“I recall the beginning of the Communist period when the Patriarch of Russia said that although many temples fall, the sincere spirit of a person has not been destroyed. And truly, these faithless people could not destroy our internal temples, and as soon as the possibility appeared in Georgia we built new external temples too,” the Patriarch said.

Patriarch Ilia said that there are people whom God will justify, modest, believing, kind people whose sins will be forgiven. “But there are people whom God will not justify, in spite of the fact that they were good,” he said.

Georgian Patriarchate delegation holds meetings in Moscow

The Russian Church recognises the jurisdiction of the Georgian Church within its canonical borders, including Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Metropolitan Gerasime of Zugdidi and Tsaishi has said, talking about the meetings held with representatives of the Russian Patriarchate at the St. George church in Moscow.

The bishop said that one of the main issues discussed had been the statement of the Russian Patriarch which openly accused Georgia of conducting the August war. Metropolitan Gerasime said that a clergyman, especially a Patriarch, should be very careful when commenting on such issues.

The delegation has been visiting Moscow for six days.
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Shooting heard in the village of Disevi

Fire from automatic weapons was heard for several minutes in the village of Disevi on Saturday night. Shida Kartli police chief Vladimir Jugeli has told Interpressnews.

”Shooting has taken place in Disevi. Such things happen in the occupied territory very often, but when they start to look for who started the rouble, Georgia is always blamed,” declared Jugeli. At present things are quiet there however.

The Tskhinvali puppet regime has accused Georgian soldiers of opening fire. A statement from its so-called Ministry of Defence said that at 21.45 Georgians opened fire on Disevi from a neighbouring village, Meseti. It also said that the Ossetia party did not respond.

Aragveloba Feast celebrated in Dusheti

On October 3 the Aragveloba Feast was celebrated in the town of Dusheti in the Mtskheta-Mtianeti district. Different events were held, including an exhibition of handmade carpets, and felt items. Guests were entertained with local dishes, some of which the Georgian President also tasted. Mikheil Saakashvili, attending the celebrations, also bought several items at the exhibition of folk textiles.

After viewing the exhibition the President visited a local family in one of the districts of Dusheti, which has been gasified. A woman of 97 who is part of this family invited Mikheil Saakashvili to her 100th birthday. The President and representatives of the local government also visited the village of Mtchadijvari, where the opening of a new road was scheduled.

The public festival took place in the square of the town. Local ensembles participated, singing and reciting verses. A performance by the local theatre group was also been held.

Georgia’s Catholicos-Patriarch was one of the first to congratulate the locals on the day. Ilia II prayed at the Dusheti St. Nicholas church and blessed the parish while delivering a sermon there. “Today is a great celebration not only here, but in the whole of Georgia. Another church of St. Nicholas has opened. We thank the God for his mercy,” the Patriarch said. Ilia II added that St. Nikolas is a wonderworker who will always protect thosewho address him with faith and love.

The Patriarch also visited a children’s home in one of the villages of Dusheti and blessed the children there.
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Famous Georgian composer dies at 67 of lung cancer

Famous Georgian composer Aleksandre Basilaia has died at the age of 67 in Germany after a long illness. It is believed his body will be brought to Georgia on Tuesday. Basilaia was undergoing a course of lung cancer treatment in Germany.

Civil funeral rites for Aleksandre Basilaia will be held at the Philharmonic Hall of Tbilisi. The famous composer will be buried in the Didube Pantheon of Public Figures.

Aleksandre Basilaia was an honoured artist of the Republic of Georgia. He was the Artistic Director of the Iveria Ensemble and the author of a number of musicals, such as Argonauts, Pirosmani and the Jaybirds’ Wedding.
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Drivers accuse local government of oppression in Kutaisi

Drivers have held a protest rally in the city of Kutaisi. They assembled outside the Torpedo stadium chanting the slogan ‘Hands out of the pockets of drivers’. The United Trade Unions organised the rally.

The drivers accused the local government of oppression. They asserted that Kutaisi municipality is not allowing a company created with the assistance of the trade unions to participate in a tender. Most of the drivers are members of the company and they fear they may remain jobless as a result. Moreover, representatives of the trade unions say that the Kutaisi Mayor’s Office intends to increase taxes for drivers.
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