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Will the report of the Tagliavini Commission trigger new protest rallies in Georgia?

Monday, October 5
“I don't think so, as everyone is really fed up with rallies and pretty much aware that they are not the way to solve problems. Experience counts, and the most recent shows that no matter how long you rally the only people affected are those participating, as they get really tired while all the rest remains the same.”
Tamta, student, 24

“I do not think so. They still will not have any point. The Tagliavini Commission’s conclusions must be well discussed and understood. Otherwise the situation will never calm down.”
Diana, musician, 29

“It might cause protest in the kitchens but not the streets. We all knew that something like this was expected. I don’t see any reason to start protest rallies over something we knew months ago.”
Iamze, businesswoman, 40

“This report might become a reason for the opposition to start new rallies. However I don’t know how many people will come out, I think the opposition have lost the people’s trust, even the Tagliavini Commission report will not help them restore their reputation.”
Sandro, IT, 26

“I don’t think so. Why should we protest? Yes, Georgia was the first to shoot maybe, but it does not mean that this action was unjustified.”
Natia, student, 23

“I have no idea what the conclusions of the Tagliavini Commission mean, so I cannot answer your question as to whether they will trigger new protest rallies or not.”
Meri, student, 19

“I do not think that the opposition will change their plans and begin holding street rallies again. I know they have changed their strategy and to my mind, the Commission’s report will not make them go out in the street again.”
Manana, shop assistant, 50

“Of course the results of the Tagliavini Commission will become another reason for opposition criticism of the Government but I do not think they will hold street rallies again.”
Nazi, guide, 25