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Does Georgia still need to join NATO?

Wednesday, October 21
“People should learn that Georgia will never be able to enter NATO, because at least two of the main EU states, Germany and France, will not support it. That’s the reality, and neither the ENP (European Neighbourhood Partnership) nor MAP or other stuff will help. No time for tales!”
Giga, IT specialist, 29

“Of course it needs to, and as before the major reason is security. Under the NATO umbrella our territories will be protected and secured.”
Manana, sales manager, 35

“There is a lot of speculation about Georgians rejecting NATO membership but I think most of us still want to join the alliance. Definitely, it is true that Russia frustrated our attempt to get MAP, however we very much need NATO support because we will never defeat Russia in a war, but with alliance support Russia will not dare attack us again.”
Tatia, designer, 32

“No, we do not need it. I voted for NATO membership in the referendum some time ago but if there is another I will not vote for it. It is NATO which rejected us and did not give us the so-called membership action plan. Why? Because they are afraid of Russia! If so many states are afraid of Russia and prevent our small country not only getting alliance membership but even an action plan, what do we want to be there for? Do you think we will be protected? Of course not! No one will take a step to help us in the case of repeated aggression as they know only verbal expressions of astonishment and condemnation.”
Avto, pensioner, 68

“I do not want the Georgian people to dream about NATO membership because even if we join Russia will still be our neighbour and it does not make any difference whether we are a NATO or EU country. We were a CIS country when the war started and according to the CIS charter Russia did not have the right to attack a fellow member country, but it just did not care. That is the fact!”
Mariam, student, 19

“Of course it needs to join, it will be a guarantee that neither Russia nor any other country will be able to bomb Georgia.”
Nodar, student, 23

“I am not sure what NATO membership will bring Georgia and I am not sure that Georgia will ever become a member of this alliance. I am quite doubtful about our NATO plans.”
Maka, accountant, 31

“A country like Georgia needs someone to defend it. I see NATO as Georgia’s security guarantee. We should do our best to meet NATO requirements and eventually become a member of it.”
Shota, IT, 25