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Poverty issues in Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Friday, October 30
In summer 2009 the Georgian Institute for Social Research and Analysis carried out a study on the level of poverty in the country. It produced some interesting figures. Only 1% of those questioned could afford to buy a house/flat or a country house. Only 4% could buy items for long term use. 24 % stated that their income covers only food and clothing, 34% that they can afford food but hardly afford clothing and 37% that can hardly make ends meet. 35% of those questioned considered themselves unemployed.

The study compares 2009 with 1999. The question asked was - how would you estimate your social and economic condition in these years? 7% said they lived in good conditions 2009, 19% that they were in good conditions in 1999, 38% said they had an average social and economic condition in 2009, 44% said they had an average condition in 1999, 51% said they live in low conditions in 2009 and 27% said they did so in 1999. The other respondents did not answer this question.