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Journalism education conference

By Messenger staff
Friday, November 20
Georgia is hosting a two day conference, the 6th of its kind for the South Caucasus media, under the title ‘Journalism Education: Improvement of the Quality of Education and New Technologies”. This conference has been organised by the OSCE, and it should be greatly appreciated that despite Russia’s efforts to oust the organisation from Georgia, which have meant it has ceased monitoring the conflict zones, OSCE is still here and involved in different humanitarian activities and facilitating democratic development in Georgia.

Representatives of all three South Caucasus countries, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, are attending the two day conference. The topics it will cover are international experience in the area of journalism education, current problems of journalism and education, the challenges journalism education faces, experience of media training and the influence of technology and consumer habits on journalism qualifications. Representatives of South Caucasus countries are sharing their experience of practical journalism and journalistic education, freedom of the media, political influence on the media and the economic dependence of the media in their countries. The conference is proving to be very successful and needful, the participants say.