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Are you sure that the West, and the USA in particular, can guarantee fair local elections in Georgia?

Friday, November 20
“Nobody can hold our elections for us and nobody can guarantee anything. Our Government should guarantee it, this is their main responsibility.”
Dato, sociologist, 29

“The USA can give us some recommendations; however it cannot bear the responsibility of being a guarantor of fair elections. The Government and the citizens of the country should guarantee this.”
Tea, doctor, 25

“Our Government respects only the suggestions and directives of the West, so I think the US and Europe should play an important role in ensuring free and fair elections in Georgia.”
Gia, unemployed, 57

“Of course I am not sure, everyone remembers how the OSCE and other international organisations stated that the elections were fair in previous times when we all know that millions of votes were rigged.”
Marina, teacher, 49

“Well if European monitors say that the other elections were fair why should I not trust them? If they say this that means that the elections were held like they are in Europe, so I trust foreign monitors’ evaluations.”
Maka, student, 23

“I have never seen elections held without rigging so I do not trust them. Even if Barack Obama or Nicolas Sarkozy personally say that the Georgian elections are fair that is just nonsense.”
Givi, bank employee, 28

“If Western and US special representatives observe the elections in Georgia I think that they will be just and without unpleasant incidents, as our Government is trying to demonstrate that it is based on democratic principles.”
Nika, archaeologist, 43

“It is very funny that we need to have foreign observers here to hold democratic elections when our Government is trying to persuade the world we are a free and democratic country. Let our Government be the guarantee of just elections, without the West or United States.”
Nana, housekeeper, 29