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Will Georgia ever join NATO, and if so when?

Monday, December 7
“Georgia will join NATO when this organisation has no authority and power. I think so. It is hard to predict anything in fact, but this is my opinion.”
Niko, unemployed, 40

“I saw on TV that NATO officials have confirmed that Georgia will become a NATO member. But even they cannot give the exact date, so how can I know it? I think that as long as Georgia is making good progress, we might join the alliance in about 5 years, and I think this would be great.”
Tea, cardiologist, 26

“Well, it is very difficult to predict anything concerning NATO-Georgia relations, especially since the war. However, I think we will not join NATO, at least for 20-30 years.”
Soso, financier, 26

“Maybe at some point we will join NATO but when I do not know. This question is not for me to answer but people more competent to do so. I really do not know, and honestly I am against NATO.”
Lasha, student, 26

“I think Georgia has to develop a specific action plan for this country before it even starts to think about NATO or any other international organisation.”
Sopho, economist, 25

“I think Georgia has a chance of entering NATO in two or three years. I just hope so.”
Vako, lawyer, 22

“Georgia has a very small chance of joining NATO. I am not very confident of its prospects and I have heard the opinion of local and international experts who say that Georgia doesn’t meet NATO standards in terms of democracy etc.”
Laura, pensioner, 67

“Yes, sure, I know we will satisfy all NATO standards pretty soon as our Government is trying hard to fill all the gaps that prevent us receiving NATO membership.”
Gia, driver, 43

“Well, maybe…but not in the near future for sure!"
Ani, lawyer, 31

“Maybe in 5-10 years, no sooner, because we first have to reach NATO standards, and in my opinion we are not even close to them. Our Government has to do a lot of things in order for Georgia to enter NATO.”
Keti, PR specialist, 34