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How do you think we can support Georgian agriculture?

Thursday, December 10
“The Georgian Government should think about this, because the country’s political, social and economic development depends on them. Farmers should be helped and paid for their products so they have motivation.”
Gia, worker, 43

“Everyone should think about this, as agriculture development is a main precondition for the country’s economic advance. Some programmes should be created to assist farmers and villages. Each product should be good for health and Georgian citizens should use Georgian products first of all.”
Nata, teacher, 29

“Personally I can support Georgian agriculture by buying only Georgian products and avoiding Turkish agricultural products for example. I think this would help our village residents gain more profit from their activities.”
Keso, student, 24

“People from Georgia’s regions are rushing to Tbilisi in search of a job. It would be better if they stayed in their villages and had nice gardens and gained profit from whatever they grew there. Everyone would be happy in this case.”
Nina, interpreter, 30

“I don’t think I can contribute to the development of Georgian agriculture, but the Government could do a lot I guess. It is hard for an individual citizen to change anything significantly in this field.”
Koka, lawyer, 26,/i>

“Ordinary people cannot do anything if there is no programme for improving the agricultural sector, something which is the Government’s responsibility.”
Maka, student, 23

“Factories should be activated and if there are no factories we should build them. Georgia should become an exporter country; this will be a precondition for agricultural success.”
Beka, sportsman, 28