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Turkey wants stability and peace in the Caucasus

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, January 5
Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu, evaluating 2009, highlighted that the country most often discussed Caucasus issues. He also stressed that Turkey's friendship with Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia creates trust in the Caucasus.

The Minister highlighted that signing the protocol with Armenia is not the sole Turkish goal. Ankara wants to create a situation which would make it possible to sign some other protocols on frozen conflicts as well. "We shall continue working on our platform so that stable peace is established in the Caucasus", Davutoglu said. He added that friendship with Azerbaijan will continue to develop on the principle of 1 people, 2 states.

Turkish FM added through its press spokesman that without resolving the Karabakh situation there will be no possibility of establishing stability in the Caucasus and the improvement of relations between Armenia and Turkey is not in itself enough to achieve that. Stability can be achieved in the region only if Armenia resolves the problems which have emerged as a result of the Karabakh conflict, the Ministry said.