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Tuesday, January 5
Ramaz Sakvarelidze – It is quite possible that Saakashvili and his team have different intentions

"Perhaps this was the year of regaining consciousness. The Government has regained its consciousness, for there is more realism and rationalism in its activities. I hope there will be more realism and rationalism in the opposition and the public. The romanticism which has been the characteristic feature of our politics for the last 20 years should end,” political analyst Ramaz Sakvarelidze states in an interview with Kviris Palitra.

"Democracy needs three freedoms: freedom of the press, freedom of economics and freedom of the court system. Democracy cannot exist without all these components. We are lacking them indeed. But I am an optimist, for I suppose that if people claim these three freedoms the authorities now have enough rationality to make compromises in order to improve their rating.

"I have difficulty drawing the relevant conclusion from the President’s speech at the opening of the Guards’ Department building. Iakobashvili’s Department had previously drawn up a concept full of peace initiatives. Which one should we consider to be the actual policy – the concept of Iakobashvili or the speech of the Presidents? I suppose this is a policy divergence between the President and his team. The intentions of the team and the President might not coincide at all, for Saakashvili’s wrong decisions have harmed not only him but his team in the recent past,” Sakvarelidze adds.

"Brzezinsky’s words directly answer your question: if relations deteriorate between the USA and Russia they will deteriorate between Georgia and Russia. Russia is trying to show the world that it has a positive attitude towards the Georgian people. But the division between the people and the Government is especially conspicuous after August events. The meeting with Noghaideli and the interest in Merab Berdzenishvili’s art are examples of Russia wanting to change its image in the international community. The Kremlin has realised that the image of the White Bear was unprofitable. It has reduced the West's trust in it and resulted in Europe’s attempts to find the alternative energy routes. The image of the White Bear might lose Russia billions,” Sakvarelidze says.

Ramaz Klimiashvili – How can I fight against Russia when I love this country?

"I cannot fight against Russians, but on the contrary… I am not interested in Russian men at all but I have never seen women like Russians. I am sincerely saying this, I love Russia. I studied there, I graduated from Petersburg, wrote a thesis and then left for Oxford. How can I fight against Russia when I love this country? How can we fight against Russian women? This is beauty!” political analyst Ramaz Klimiashvili states in an interview with Kviris Kronika.

“If we are brave we will be able to remove Misha. If we are worn out we will not be able to get rid of him… Women tell me that I should be the President.

"By the way, I was met and taken into a bar by Saakashvili's guards two days ago. Do you know what they told me? They told me they had read my interviews and respected me… They had official guns. I was scared, for I thought I would end up in a horrible state. But we just drank,” Klimiashvili added.

Construction of airport in Poti will not be allowed

Kviris Palitra writes that the possible construction of an airport in Poti has become a subject of discussion. Analysts, scholars and NGO representatives are very critical of this idea. Doctor of Ecological Science Anzor Tkebuchava states that such a large scale airport cannot be built near the Kolkheti national park, as this is a very important destination for birds flying from Africa to Eurasia and an airport will destroy this unique ecosystem. However this argument is not shared by Director of the Kolkheti national park Zurab Jibladze.

NGO Argomedia plans to send a specially prepared address to President Saakashvili regarding this fact. Its head Irakli Absandze says that it is not clear to him why there is a need to build a new airport in Poti when there are three airports near it, at Batumi, Senaki and Kopitnari, which are not busy at all.