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What kind of perspectives do you think Russian-Georgian relations have?

Tuesday, January 5
“I don’t think they have any perspectives right now. Maybe in the longer term there will be a chance to improve relations, but right now things are very tense. Neither of the Governments is ready to talk to the other, in this situation what kind of prospects can we see?”
Irakli, pediatrician, 40

“The August war made any chance of establishing good relations between Georgia and Russia impossible. How can we have normal relations with the state which has occupied almost half of our territory? I cannot imagine this."
Manana, teacher, 52

“Russian-Georgian relations can only advance if the heads of both countries change. Medvedev, Putin and Saakashvili will never find a common language I think.”
Otari, pensioner, 65

"If Russia and its Government continue their current policy towards Georgia strained relations will never end. To tell the truth, I can see no good perspectives for the future."
Natia, student, 21

"I think that relations are strained at the present moment and this will be so as long as Russia’s real President is Putin and Georgia’s is Mikheil Saakashvili."
Giorgia, archaeologist, 41

"Everything is absolutely obvious, we will never have nice relations as long as Russia continues its present policy towards Georgia. How can we have good relations when the best part of our territory is occupied by them?
Tea, dancer, 25

“I don’t think these two countries will ever have some kind of relations. I am absolutely against any kind of relations. Why can’t we ignore each other as if we are not neighbours at all?”
Nikoloz, student, 23

“I wish we could have a neutral position. I mean Russia is our neighbour so we could just have very normal relations, couldn’t we?”
Tamar, teacher, 32