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Tuesday, January 12
Georgian regions have stable electricity supply

The electricity supply to the Georgian regions is stable, Interpressnews has been told by Energo-Pro Georgia (EPG). Despite strong winds and heavy snow, the number of power cuts has been minimal, the company says.

According to EPG, on January 4-5 customers in the Adjara and Samegrelo regions were left without electricity for several hours; however, the supply resumed as soon as the damage was repaired. EPG technical brigades worked a 24 hour shift pattern to restore service during the shutdown.

The electricity supply to the regions has been improved thanks to rehabilitation activities carried out by company personnel. The grid is being restored, with old wooden poles replaced by new reinforced concrete ones and old cables with new ones. Substations and transformer units are also being restored, with substations out of operation for years being reactivated. These repairs will continue on schedule.

Since 2007 EPG has invested hundreds of thousands of GEL in Georgia's energy distribution system.

Union of Georgians in Russia to hold charity event

The Union of Georgians in Russia held a charity event for children of various nationalities in Moscow yesterday. The Union purchased all the tickets to a theatre performance and invited children from Georgian and other Diasporas to attend it, Rossiiskaia Gazeta reported.

Russian TV Stars entertained the children. Tina Kandelaki was Snow White and Andrey Malakhov Father Christmas. Georgian folklore groups also took part in the concert.

President of the Union Mikheil Khubutia says that more than 3,000 children had been invited to the festivity.

Ramaz Sakvarelidze: After April protests Government reconnected with people

Political scientist Ramaz Sakvarelidze, in conversation with the news agency GHN, has said that since the April protest actions the Government is taking people's needs into consideration much more than previously. Therefore the April protests were not pointless, as the Government is now trying to meet the demands of the people.

"The opposition fought to change the Government and lost. But did the Government win? The opposition won more respect for the people from the Government. The Government pays more attention to people than it did before the protest actions, so we can say that the people won in this respect," Sakvarelidze said.

Issuing of ID cards to be temporarily halted in Georgia

The issuing of ID cards to people changing their place of residence in Tbilisi will be halted in a few days. Those applying will be issued temporary residence cards. This amendment was made to the election code after the opposition accused the Government of bringing its supporters to Tbilisi and registering them in the capital.

The new rule will be in place from January 15 until June. After the election, the Government will cover all the expenses of changing the temporary residence cards into ID cards.
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Improper participation in election campaign will be punished

According to the recent amendments to the Georgian election code fines will be imposed on persons who violate the law by participating in an election campaign. This applies to members of the Central Election Commission, judges, law enforcers, foreign citizens and organisations and public officials from state and local government bodies. Such individuals are not allowed to take part in an election campaign whilst on duty.
(Rustavi 2)