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What will Saakashvili do when his term expires? Leave politics, stay in politics as PM (or in another post) or not go at all?

Tuesday, January 12
“I think he will not go at all!"
Tamta, 26, student

“Well I would like him to leave the country and never come back, but only God knows what he will do, I think that he will probably stay in politics.”
Maiko, 28, designer

“What an interesting question! I don’t believe that Saakashvili will ever retire, even if his term expires. I can’t imagine what he will do but I think anyone who becomes the next President will be from Saakashvili’s surroundings and Saakashvili will start telling him what to do.”
Salome, 31, teacher

“I’m afraid Saakashvili will change the Constitution and remain President of Georgia forever. It’s his style to act against any law.”
Mamuka, 46, doctor

“Of course he wants to stay in politics forever. But we must not accept a tyrant.”
Nino, 23, interpreter

“I do not think that he will become PM after being President, I think he doesn't want to go at all and be President of Georgia forever, but the public will not allow this and I think that when his term expires they will do everything to make him leave politics altogether, and of course the Presidency.”
Levani, 45, engineer

“Well of course he will do everything he can to stay as President but the people will do everything to make him leave politics and I think that after his term expires he will go to his beloved USA and live there and work as a businessman.”
Sani, 56, businessman

"I think that he likes being President so much that he will do his best to prolong his term. If he can not manage this, he will take some other senior post, to my mind."
Nika, 24, footballer

"In my opinion Saakashvili will stay in politics unless some opposition forces come to power and prevent him."
Tamar, 34, musician