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Do you think Georgia will benefit from introducing military-patriotic courses at schools?

Thursday, January 14
"I think this is a really nice initiative. Boys should be taught the main military skills from childhood and school. Of course it will improve the level of the Army and also encourage health among youth."
Liana, teacher, 31

"Last August's events showed us that this kind of education is needed in the country. It should be not only physical training, it should be spiritual and psychological as well. This is a very important step towards the further development of the Army in Georgia."
Gia, sportsman, 29

"Most of the President’s initiatives are unacceptable for me, but to tell the truth this one is an exception. Georgia will benefit from these courses, I believe."
Giorgi, pensioner, 61

“Patriotism cannot be learned at school, it must be in the character of each person, so I think that this is no more than applying pressure on the unfocused minds of children.”
Maiko, writer, 36

“I think Georgia will benefit from military-patriotic courses at schools. I hope so. I think this is a very good initiative of our President. All pupils must be taught these things from childhood and I think our Army will now get better and better every year. Pupils must love their country and treat it with great reverence.”
Levan, lawyer, 45

“I think this is the best initiative of President Mikheil Saakashvili. I am sure that Georgia will benefit from the military-patriotic courses at schools.”
Elene, housewife, 65

“I used to have such classes at school, and I cannot say I got any benefit from them, except the several hours of doing nothing during the lesson. However it might be beneficial if the courses are well-organised and well-planned.”
Maka, accountant, 24

“I think this is a very good idea. The President said that every citizen should be able to defend their own country, and this is right. Georgia constantly faces threat from Russia, so it would be good for everyone to know the basics of self-defence, especially the young generation.”
Shalva, engineer, 57

“I hope this will not be just a propaganda course and it will not brainwash the young. Otherwise I have nothing against military-patriotic classes at school.”
Nana, nurse, 37