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What do you think of the Conservative Party's initiative of starting public discussions on Georgian-Russian relations?

Wednesday, January 20
“I think this is a very wise idea. Not only the Government and parties but each Georgian is a part of this country’s policy, so I think everyone should participate in discussions and state their personal opinion.”
Tamar, teacher, 29

“I don’t think that anything will change. Lots of mistakes have been made in terms of our relations. But let them try, why shouldn’t they? It will be a step forward.”
Merab, scientist, 42

“Well it sounds interesting. Unfortunately I have not yet heard about any public discussion, but I will personally support this initiative. It’s just a pity that our Government seldom listens to others and always does as it wants. I wish the party success with this project.”
Temur, pensioner, 67

"I think such kinds of debates are really useless, as everything depends on the Governments of the two countries."
Tamar, physicist, 43

"To my mind this is a very nice initiative, negotiations should start and everyone is to be involved in the process. The civil societies from both sides can play a significant role in conflict regulation issues."
Nodar, painter, 31

"For me this means that the Georgian opposition has gone pro-Russian. Russia plays with us, trying to achieve its goals in the region with the assistance of Georgians as usual. These debates are absolutely useless. The conflict will only end if Russia decides so."
Giorgi, historian, 65

“Public discussions are always good, because they help identify positions and draw conclusions. I think the Conservatives' idea is good and should be supported not only by NGOs or opposition parties but the ruling party and the Government. We should find ways to resolve our problems by ourselves.”
Gia, teacher, 43

“All right, let’s start a discussion, but before starting this, let’s ask The Kremlin if they want to talk to us. This is the problem. The Russian Government does not want to have any connection with us. Russia should show it is willing to start negotiations first.”
Tengiz, driver, 38

“I only see the point in negotiations with Russia if the talk concerns taking their troops out of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. All discussions on other issues will be just wasting time.”
Tea, saleswoman, 33