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Do you think that the new constitution will be more democratic and will it be adhered to?

Monday, February 8
In my opinion the Georgian Constitution is democratic even now: the problem we have is that almost nobody follows it, especially the Georgian Government. The most recent example I recall is the violation of the Constitution by the President, when he failed to name the candidates for CEC Chair by the proper deadline.
Alexandre, sociologist, 46

I think it should be more democratic, as quite a lot of experts and good specialists are working on it right now. But I still think it depends on the goodwill of the current Government whether we will have a really democratic constitution or not.
Nino, teacher, 36

The problem is that our constitution always remains a paper exercise and is never implemented in real life. We should have rule of law in the country and only after this happens is there any sense in writing a new constitution.
Eka, doctor, 29

I must unfortunately say that I dont think anything will ever be democratic in Georgia until the Government changes.
Salome, interpreter, 22

I cant make any predictions about the impact the new constitutional changes will have on the democratic development of our country, but I can only express my hope that everything in the political, economic as social spheres will be fine in Georgia.
Giorgi, IT specialist, 31

Well I welcome the work on a new constitution because some serious amendments need to be made in the current constitution. However after its adoption I am not sure that everything will be followed as it should be. However, I think most of its parts will not be violated.
Giviko, student, 19

I do not see any reason why they are renewing the constitution because no one follows it and everyone does what she/he wants. I think this is only a PR action to show foreigners that Georgia is trying to be like Europe, however the people see everything and know that this is just false.
Marina, housewife, 56

I think it will be more democratic and hope that each article will be well written. It really needs serious amendment and I am glad that a good team is working on it, which really is able to create a good and democratic Georgian Constitution.
Maka, teacher, 26