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What do you think about Noghaideli’s frequent trips to Moscow?

Friday, February 12
“Well in my opinion it will be very good if he really does improve the relationship between Russia and Georgia. I do not see anything bad in his behaviour.”
Nana, 45, housewife

“I think that there is nothing wrong or bad in his conduct, and the black PR which is being spread about Noghaideli is necessary only for Saakashvili, who wants people to change their minds about him and see Noghaideli as the enemy.”
Levan, 35, lawyer

“Well this is very difficult, because I am not sure that he could be the country’s enemy. Yes, I agree that he is getting something from Russia for his efforts, but can you tell me who does not get some gain out of being in politics or who does not enter politics to do so? We know that politics is the dirtiest business. But it does not matter for me what he gets out of it if he really does improve relations between Georgia and Russia. I really would be very glad to see this, because most of my relatives are living in Russia and it has become very difficult to see them, almost impossible.”
Vakhtang, 56, engineer

“Well this is a really interesting question. I must say I don’t wonder that he has such good relations with Russia. He has been a political figure for ages, during both Shevardnadze’s and Saakashvili’s regimes. He must have gained some trust in Russia and he may even know how to conduct a neutral policy. The August War was a complete mistake and crucial for Georgia and unfortunately it was forced on us by Government of Georgia, which is what bothers me. Tastes differ, which means that everyone has his personal views on these issues, and I see nothing terrible in Noghaideli’s visits to Russia. Let him try. That’s all I can say.”
Nodar, 52, psychologist

“I totally agree with them because it's very important to rebuild our relations with Russia as fast as possible.”
Nino, 22, interpreter

“Everyone has a choice. If Noghaideli chooses to be marginalised because of his visits and meetings in Moscow this is up to him. If I were him I would avoid signing agreements with Russia’s ruling party after what they did in Georgia not long ago.”
Khatia, 26, dancer

“I have never liked Noghaideli, neither when he was Prime Minister nor when he moved to the opposition. Now he is just embarrassing himself by visiting Moscow every other day and shaking hands with Putin. It is merely a shame.”
Tengo, 40, driver

“I don’t think there is a need to make such a noise over these visits. Noghaideli is trying to become popular with people loyal to Moscow. He is trying to get extra votes. Let’s see if he becomes more popular by pleasing The Kremlin with these visits.”
Goga, 24, journalist

"I think that it is not nice when a politician goes officially to a hostile country and signs a collaboration document with the Government which is still occupying our territories and whose aims toward our country are absolutely obvious."
Tamar, 29, painter