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Open Letter to our Pirveli Dutch Son in Law, Misha Saakashvili

Monday, March 1
Dear Misha,

Already since 1998 I have been visiting Georgia. I never forget my first visit to your amazing country. I was shocked in a very positive way by the Georgian culture, hospitality and Supra traditions. Since then I have visited Georgia many times and advertised it whereever it was possible. Many Georgian restaurants both in Russia and ofcourse also in Georgia itself were visited by me.

From 1998 on I also started to look for a Georgian restaurant in my own country, the Netherlands, Holland. But until now I never found one ! I live halfway between Amsterdam and Texel, in Langedijk, close to Alkmaar.

Misha, You have so many nice restaurants in Tbilisi and other places. Break one down piece by piece and rebuild in Holland. It is also crisis here, so many possibilities there are for you. Ofcourse it is much better if you build a complete new one.

I have asked many people - also Georgians - this and asked every time: Why there is no Georgian restaurant in Holland ?

Amsterdam is the place where the first Georgian restaurant can be opened. Amsterdam is an almost perfect city, but in this global city - that attracks tourists and business people from all over the world - there is NOTHING Georgian to find to drink and eat. Why, Misha ?

I know Georgians dont come to Amsterdam to visit a Georgian restaurant and probably dont miss it eather. I do miss it.

I think Georgia is missing a unique opportunity to promote itself in Amsterdam and Holland.

Misha, after you became President and our pirveli dutch son in law I thought I dont have to wait a long time anymore. To eat a simple ginkali, gatchapuri and drink Borjomi and Kvanchkara in Amsterdam. At the same time enjoying Georgian music and art. Or have a complete Supra night. Just like I enjoy this everytime when I am in Tbilisi.

But now it is already your second term, Misha. And still no Georgian restaurant in Holland. I wonder if you have ever thought about it ?

You are already President for more than 6 years now. But your family in law - the Dutch people, who travel everywhere around the world, who have no real special kitchen themselves, are still missing this Georgian superb beauty in Holland.

Misha, our pirveli Dutch son in law, why you let us wait so long ?

Why ? Is it so difficult ? In Amsterdam I can eat Thai, Indonesian, McDonalds, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Mexican, etcetera. Whatever country with high cuisine there is in the world, Amsterdam has at least one delicious restaurant but most of the time MANY restaurants.

But Georgia ? What is Georgia doing ? You advertise that Europe started there. Wine started there. The oldest skull comes from Georgia. Sandra brought it to Holland.

Misha, You fall in love with a dutch woman. You married our Sandra and we became family. You are our son in law, we are your family in law. You organised a Rose Revolution. You won two elections. You connected Georgia fierce into NATO. Built a new airport with Holland-look-a-like downtown railway connection. Renovated Charden. Built many fontanka's in Tbilisi. Reorganised Police. Swept away corruption. Built a Tbilisi White House. Fought a terrible war with Russia. Sent soldiers to Irak and Afganistan. Visited Texel with Sandra, etcetera, etcetera.

I know you are working day and night to make Georgia a better place for all Georgians. Tourism is one of your focal points.

But please dont forget your Holland family in law. We Dutch are world citizens, spoilt, have the right passports, we can travel everywhere, we have enough money.

But when we are at home, in Amsterdam, or elsewhere, we cannot visit a Georgia restaurant. How long we must wait for this ?

Russia has succesfully opened a franchise of the Petersburg Hermitage in Amsterdam.

When is Georgia opening a franchise of its most unique cultural heritage in Amsterdam ?

We have Dutch time here, Misha, not Georgian time !

Do something, Misha, I know you can. Do not wait until Holland because of climate change disappears definitely below the sealevel and becomes the second Atlantis.

I know you are a bussy person and are willing to help you with it. Follow Obama and say. "Yes, we can". "Yes, we can open a Georgian restaurant in Amsterdam when I am President of Georgia".

Looking forward to hear from you,

With dutch regards from below sealevel,

from one of your many dutch family in law,

but already friend of Georgia since 1992,

Marcel Maria Brandsma

Langedijk, Holland (ormosdati km from Amsterdam, ormosdati kilometer from Texel) tel +31616194896