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Do you think every politician who has meetings in Moscow is a Russian agent?

Friday, March 5
“Agents usually disguise themselves well enough not to be recognised as agents. Our opposition politicians openly visit Moscow and meet politicians there publicly, so I think it is an exaggeration to call them Russian agents.”
Irakli, lawyer, 25

“Agents or not, they are working against the interests of their own country, which is not morally correct behaviour. It is quite embarrassing to meet Russian leaders who less than two years ago bombed our towns and occupied our land.”
Tea, cardiologist, 31

“They are betraying our country. They must have very short memories to be able to visit Moscow with no feeling of guilt. Noghaideli and Burjanadze have shown their irresponsible character with their recent actions.”
Dima, PR specialist, 26

“At first I did not think so, but now Burjanadze has gone to Moscow I am really surprised, because she called this country a hostile country. Now she is negotiating with it, but about what? For me it is very shameful that Georgians can be Russian agents, I hate them. That is my own opinion and I hope I am wrong, otherwise my country is full of traitors.”
Ketevan, musician, 37

“I cannot make an exact comment on this issue because none of us knows whether is this true or not. But I suspect Russia has bought our politicians. I will be very happy if my opinion is not correct but most Georgians have the same opinion. I think these politicians must be thrown out of the country and named as traitors.”
Tamar, pensioner, 56

“I do not think it, I am SURE that all the politicians who have meetings in Moscow are Russian agents! Shame on them! After all Russia has done and has been doing they hold these meetings. They are the enemies and betrayers of Georgia. We should not let them come back to Georgia, they must stay in Moscow and become Moscow’s politicians because there politics is against Georgia and the Georgian public.”
Nicholas, student, 27

"This is very funny to my mind. Russia is a very strong and powerful country, Georgia's political, military or economic forces in comparison are very weak. I think the Georgian Government makes such statements only because they cannot do anything positive themselves in relation to Russia, although starting collaborations with Russia is more the Government’s duty than the opposition’s."
Nika, economist, 55

"There are people in this country who might really be agents of Russia, as each country, especially those countries trying to take over the world, has spies in different countries, but all the people visiting Moscow cannot be considered agents."
Gia, footballer, 23

"I think that these people visiting Moscow at the present moment, when Russia is occupying the most important pert of our country, is a betrayal of Georgia. Noghaideli and Burjanadze are traitors and agents of Russia."
Tamar, housewife, 31

“Well it’s a very interesting question indeed. I must say I don’t like the situation in the Georgian political field nowadays. Both the Government and opposition are playing a dirty game, but constant meetings between the Russian authorities and the opposition are just another opposition mistake. They should think of the Georgia people, at least before the elections, but they prefer to hold secret negotiations with people Georgians don’t need at all. Anyone can be a spy by masking his personality in a better way.”
Mamuka, doctor, 46

“I don’t think Georgian politicians are Russian agents at all. They may have their private opinions on particular issues and everyone has his personal concerns, but still I don’t like this tendency. I mean, why do they need to negotiate with Russia? It is up to the Governments of both countries to deal with the misunderstanding, not particular individuals.”
Meri, PR Manager, 22

“That’s exactly so. Fortunately they have revealed their real faces in time. Today I see enemies of Georgia in them.”
Inna, interpreter, 22