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Compiled by Liana Bezhanishvili
Tuesday, March 16
Will Levan Gachechiladze become Tbilisi Mayor?

In an interview with Mteli Kvira Levan Gachechiladze has stated: "You might agree with me that the decision I will make is regarded as very important by many people. The main reason I am fighting the Government is not to become Tbilisi Mayor. I absolutely agree that the public’s main demand is that the opposition present a joint candidate. We must give the residents this choice.”

“People ask me why I do not support Irakli Alasania. My experience in politics makes it difficult for me to support one individual. However we must meet the public’s demand. At present I think that it would be wrong to nominate myself for Mayor because there are enough candidates already, but if I see that my candidature would consolidate the opposition, of course I will,” stated Levan Gachechiladze.

“I really say this seriously. It is very difficult to make a decision on this and I need some time in which to do so. Some say there is not enough time left and some say there is a lot of time. I ask those who have already begun their campaigns to just get on with them. I ask everyone not to wait for my decision. When I make a decision it will not be bad for anyone," Gachechiladze concluded.

Robert Sturua should know that his medal will have Georgian blood on it – Vice-Speaker

In an interview with Kviris Palitra Mikheil Machavariani, Vice-Speaker of Parliament, is asked how he will react if famous Georgian theatre director Robert Sturua directs a play in Russia, as he is rumoured to be planning. He answers: "If Robert Sturua thinks that he should put on a play in that country, for that Government which had brought so many disasters to Georgia and accept a medal from them that is his problem. But he must also know that this medal would have Georgian blood on it.

"The Russians are saying that for two centuries we have forgotten what Statehood is so should not try and remember. Was it not better when we were telling you what to do and how to do it, how many houses to build, which plays to perform? They say. You had more comfort then than you have now, they tell us. If Sturua wants to put on a play for this country it is his own affair."

How does Levan Gachechiladze resemble Inga Grigolia?

One of the important events of last week was Inga Grigolia’s decision to enter politics, Kviris Palitra writes. Her decision had been kept secret but Inga has taken an absolutely correct step. It is not clear what kind of a politician she will be but to give up journalism is absolutely the right decision.

Inga as a journalist had lots of positive characteristics and also negative ones, the newspaper says, but has done everything in her power in Georgian journalism. Her era is over. This is not a negative thing, as she has created the Inga Grigolia Era. Some may evaluate this positively, others negatively, but we can’t conceal the fact that she has been one of the most popular journalists for years. But all eras come to an end, and the end of Inga's is now. Georgian journalism is moving to another stage, slowly and with a slight difficulty, but this process is taking place. If Inga had returned, our journalism would have stopped developing.

Inga has already done her work, the paper says, adding that here we’ve got approximately the same situation as in Gachechiladze’s case: at a definite stage he was needed as a leader, he accomplished his mission perfectly, but now we have a different situation and need a different person as a leader. I don’t know whether Inga realised that she had done her best in journalism and her time was gradually running out, or she has taken such a step for other reasons, but giving up journalism is a reasonable decision. What kind of a politician will Inga be I can’t foresee, though I’m sure she won’t be lost. Inga will undoubtedly manage to utter what she has to say louder than others!