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How do you think the people responsible for the fake programme should be punished?

Tuesday, March 16
“I am still feeling bad and I categorically insist that they must answer for everything they have done because the people really trusted in this horrible programme and still the public is in shock and panicking, because it has been said that this fake could become the truth and the Russians are going to conduct an intervention in April. I am really very scared.”
Neli, pensioner, 67

“They must be sentenced and I think Imedi TV must be closed down, because they do not know the elementary standards of journalism. They have gone mad. They are doing anything they want and do not think about the public. And it is deplorable that people living in the conflict zone are now thinking that the War has begun. Tell me, is this normal? The most unfortunate thing is that they do not think they have done something harmful. They just talk about this programme reflecting the future plans of Russia. So in my opinion Imedi TV must be closed and those responsible for this sentenced.”
Malkhaz, unemployed, 56

“I am totally for punishing them. I was one of those shocked people who sat in front of the TV and wondered what was going on. Georgians have suffered so much since the August War 2008 that we shouldn’t have been terrified like that for a second time.”
Nino, PR manager, 25

“I don’t know how the law will define the fates of those Imedi TV people but this is a violation of people’s feelings and thoughts which should by all means be followed by serious sanctions from the Government and the public. I remember when Imedi became a bit biased in 2007, how the Government reacted to their appeals to the nation about starting rallies to remove the Government. It is a matter of fact that the Government isn’t reacting properly to this. How could a TV Station release false information as if those events were happening live? I am absolutely sure that this scenario was agreed with the President but I can’t find the answer to my personal question: why?”
Mamuka, architect, 43

“I think they should be punished according to legislation. They violated a Law on Broadcasting, so if there is rule of law in the country, as our Government claims, they should bear responsibility for what they have done.”
Teona, tourism manager, 26

“First of all the people who are really guilty should be identified. I do not think that this idea was born in the heads of Imedi TV journalists. Even if it was, they would not dare to create that report without the permission of Government officials or even the President. Everyone who is guilty should be punished.”
Zura, lawyer, 34

“In my opinion the journalists just made a mistake, they thought a notification at the beginning of the programme would have been enough to make it clear that they were airing a fake report. I do not think they are criminals and should be punished severely. I am sure they have learnt a lesson over these two days.”
Maia, teacher, 49

"Only the Government should be held responsible for this, as it is very clear that no one dares make such a programme at the present moment in Georgia without the agreement of the Government."
Tamta, musician, 28