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What do you think about the transit fees Turkey has just imposed and do you think Georgia should introduce the same?

Monday, March 22
I think it is natural that Turkey is trying to help its own transit companies by limiting others. I do not think we should become rivals because of transit fees. Turkey is Georgia's biggest trade partner and we should take care of these relationships.
Ira, insurance agent, 35

Why not? If the Turkish Government is thinking about the welfare of its own country and people why should our Government not do the same? Yes, we are good neighbours but this does not mean that we should not take our own interests into consideration.
Gela, unemployed, 47

I still do not understand what this new transit fee is about. However I do not think we should follow the steps that Turkey is taking. Turkey is a powerful state and can impose any fees it wants, however a weak, developing country like Georgia should be more careful when making such decisions.
Irakli, student, 22

"By taking this step Turkey is supporting its economy, but this decision will not be profitable for us of course, especially for those Georgians who have to frequently cross this border."
Temur, teacher, 29

"The Georgian side should take the same decision. If Turkey thinks about its profit, why we should we not, especially when trade between Georgia and Turkey is so common?"
Nino, housewife, 31

"We should not do the same at the present moment, as it might strain the situation between Georgia and Turkey, which is not in our interests."
Giorgi, archaeologist, 41

Im really sorry that Turkey has imposed transit fees. We used to all be glad that we could so freely visit that country and bring back all the things we liked without any additional expense. But still I think this is normal, as all the developed countries have such fees and perhaps Georgia will do the same one day when it has intensive import-export with other countries.
Merab, swimmer, 42

Well its not fair for Turkey to impose such fees. Half of Georgia goes to Turkey to do their small business. Im really sorry for them, but I wonder what has encouraged Turkey to do this after so many years of free trade with Georgia?
Tamta, teacher, 25