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Political analyst suggests Ukraine should sell Crimea to Russia

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, March 23
Political analyst from the Crimea Vasily Tsapa, commenting on the demand of Crimean Tatars that the placenames there should be replaced by Tatar ones, says that Ukraine should return the Crimea to Russia and receive financial compensation for this.

As is known the Crimean Peninsula was given to Ukraine in the Soviet period by Nikita Khrushchev. Tsapa thinks that the Crimea was settled and civilized by Russians and is part of the Russian cultural space.

The analyst thinks that Ukraine is currently in a dire financial situation, in fact it is default, and selling the Crimea will enable the country to improve its financial situation. As for the names of its cities the analyst thinks that Sevastopol, Feodosya and so on were the Greek names given to those places thousands of years before the Crimean Tatars settled there.

(The Messenger would like to point out that the earliest extant map of the Crimea, a Syrian map from the 12th century, refers to the Sea of Azov as the 'English Sea' and shows towns called 'Londinu', Bristolu', 'Sussaco' (i.e. Saxon) and suchlike on the peninsula, in all probability founded and inhabited by English people who went into exile after the Norman Conquest of 1066. Therefore the United Kingdom might have more claim to the Crimea than Russia, Ukraine or the Tatars!)