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Romania, Azerbaijan, Georgia cooperation

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, March 24
Romania is deepening its strategic partnership with Azerbaijan, as the visit of Romanian Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi to Baku on March 18 proved.

The NABUCCO project is priority for Romania and of course it considers Azerbaijan a main partner in the successful implementation of this project. The declaration on strategic partnership between Azerbaijan and Romania was signed in Bucharest on September, 2009 during a visit by President Aliyev.

Such relations increase the importance of Georgia as a transit country. No transportation between these two countries, either by pipelines or land, could be possible without Georgia’s involvement.

There are serious negotiations being held on the construction of two terminals for liquid gas for implementing further cooperative projects, one in Kulevi (Georgia) and the other in the Romanian port of Constanca. Preliminary work on the Kulevi terminal has already begun and the budget for building it will be up to Euro 6 billion. Presumably, as this project is a cooperative venture between the three countries it be fulfilled, and strengthen this cooperation, even without NABUCCO.