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Compiled by Keti Baramidze
Wednesday, March 24
Russia has just walked into the Caucasus

Analyst Lado Papava has stated in an interview with Akhali Taoba that, "Russia hasn’t be made to answer for anything it has done, it has not even been excluded from any kind of international formats. In addition to this it has damaged Georgia in all these institutions. For example the UN observer mission was blocked by the Russians. Russia has achieved all its goals and the French are also ready to sell their warship to the Russians.

"As for the Americans, they call their new-style relationship with Russia "resetting". In addition to this the NATO-Russia Committee works just as before. Russia has just entered the Caucasus and become able to control this area without any difficulty," says Papava.

“Though it says otherwise officially Russia isn’t at all interested in changing the Georgian regime and finds Saakashvili’s politics fairly convenient. Russia avoids contacting Saakashvili directly and behaves as it wants on the occupied territory, but the Russians are still in touch with Tbilisi, and opening Larsi is a visible testimony of this. The Russian marketplace may also be reopened for Georgian goods, or alternatively the Belarus and Kazakhstan markets closed to them. Everything depends on The Kremlin. That’s why I object to the boasting of some Government members about this as such behaviour might irritate the Kremlin again and make Minsk and Astana follow Moscow’s example," says Lado Papava.

Republicans made a complaint on Subeliani’s report

Rezonansi writes that the Republicans have to appealed to the Ministry of Refugees and Resettlement on behalf of 1,437 refugees from Akhalgori, Tina Khidasheli announced at a press conference held in the party's office. She said that the Republican Party has been working on the matter of IDPs from Akhalgori for a long time, specifically about 1,437 people who have been demanding refugee status for years.

"Approximately 300 people have given us corresponding documents that will be enclosed in the appeal. We have taken their cases to the Ministry of Refugees and hope that they won’t refer the case to the courts as this would mean these people would have to stay in the streets. The Government must stop humiliating refugees," said Tina Khidasheli.

Businessmen living abroad will visit Georgia on May 17 -19

Rezonansi writes that State Minister Papuna Davitaia has announced at a briefing with Minister of Economy Zurab Pololikashvili that their two Ministries will hold a business forum which will attempt to involve the Georgian diaspora in the Georgian economy. Davitaia explained that the businessmen living abroad will get to know Georgia's investment opportunities. They will visit free industrial zones and different tourist attractions in Georgia.

"This is an excellent way to make Georgian businessmen put the capital they have acquired abroad into the Georgian economy," said Davitaia. Zurab Pololikashvili announced that the project is an experimental one entitled 'Returning to Georgia'. He confirmed that the Government is ready to support people who left the country years ago and now have a desire to develop business in Georgia. He said that at this stage Georgians living in around 20 different countries are likely to take part. Further such forums will be held if the first justifies hopes.