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What are the opposition's chances at the local elections?

Wednesday, March 24
"I think they still have some chance, as they have quite a few supporters in Tbilisi. Everything depends on their election campaign. Their chances have increased since the Imedi TV fake programme."
Gia, economist, 31

"I am not a Government supporter, but I think the opposition will not be able to win the local government elections, as they have not united and have lost too much time while resolving internal issues."
Tamar, teacher, 51

"I do not think that there is anyone in the present opposition better than our Mayor Gigi Ugulava. He is doing his best for Tbilisi residents and I am sure people will appreciate his activities accordingly."
Nino, pensioner, 55

"The opposition seems to have absolutely no chance. They are not trying hard enough to do something to deserve the people's trust and respect. I think they should prove that they are worth trusting, otherwise they will all be defeated by the Government."
Beka, student, 19

"I think the opposition lost their chance after talking to Vladimir Putin, the Prime Minister of Russia, because we need our country to be fully our own, without interference, especially from the Russians. The August War 2008 has destroyed any chance for our cooperation."
Nino, programme manager, 25

"Well I definitely would like to wish the opposition success but I doubt that will be achieved, as they have become so fussy that they cant even choose the joint candidate who could make their victory possible."
Nita, economist, 32

In my opinion they have no chance to win. It is funny to think that they could.
Lado, 25, student

I think their chances increased after the Imedi TV fake programme. But I do not believe they can win the local elections, they can only hope they have a small chance.
Maiko, 38, housewife